DAA Dry-Fire Practice Magazine

DAA Dry-Fire Practice Magazine


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The DAA Dry-Fire Practice Magazine is designed to emulate as closely as possible the feel and performance of a fully loader real magazine. It allows you to dry-fire without introducing dummy loaded rounds to weigh down real magazines, which can be risky, and saves wear on your real mags.

Using internal steel weights, it comes close to the actual weight of a fully-loaded mag, and the Patent-Pending spring-loaded follower on the top of the mag pushing up against the slide as you insert it into the gun, making the reload feel just like the real thing!

The tension on the follower makes not only the insertion feel realistic, but also ensures that the magazine does not rattle around in the gun while you train, when you hit the mag-release, it ejects under some tension, just like the real thing. The mag and follower are designed NOT to activate the slide stop so you can practice racking the slide as you load, without having it lock back.

No ammo of any kind can be loaded into these magazines, helping to keep your dry-fire safe and ammo-free. The purple colour and red follower make it clear to all that these are not real magazines and that no live ammo is in play.

The DAA Dry-Fire Practice Mag is constructed of durable fibre-reinforced nylon and can take a beating. But we still recommend avoiding dropping the mags onto a concrete floor, as they are heavy and some damage may occur over time. A layer of cardboard on the concrete floor will be sufficient or any kind of carpeting.

We have tried to design the base pads of the magazines to fit with most magwells, however, it is possible that some magwells may prevent the magazine from seating all the way. Fortunately, these magazines can easily be filed on with a file or dremmel tool to fit your particular magwell type.

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1911, CZ Shadow Sp01/ CZ Shadow 2/ Tanfoglio Stock III, Glock, Sig P320/P320RX/P320X5, STI 2011


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