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DAA Racer Holster

DAA Racer Holster


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The DAA Racer Holster is shipped with a detachable thigh pad, which pivots within a range of aprx. 40 degrees to mould itself to the thigh as the shooter moves, reducing movement of the holster and increasing comfort.

The belt hanger is again a variation of the successful Race Master design, just made narrower and lighter.  Our now familiar minimalist steel locking plates on the inside, allow the user to maintain good contact between the inner and outer shooting belt.

The entire holster weighs in at just 230grams (8.11oz.) making it the lightest race holster on the market!  And while no interchangeable block is available for the DAA Racer Holster, a wide range of pistol models are supported, including the STI, SV, 1911, Beretta 92F, BUL M5, SPS, BUL SAS, Caspian (square trigger guard), CZ SP01, Glock, STI GP6 /K100, Para Ord, S&W M&P, S&W L frame, S&W N frame, SIG 226, SIG X5, Tanfoglio (square trigger guard), Tanfoglio Stock III, Sphinx 3000, and the Springfield XDM.  Due to the design of the H & K trigger guards, it is not possible to offer a holster for this brand pistol.

Available only in a black body, the holster projects a splash of color and elegance by adding a laser-cut side plate, that is available in Black, Blue, Silver or Red.


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