Double Alpha (DAA) PDR PRO II

Double Alpha (DAA) PDR PRO II


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DAA PDR Pro II are kydex holsters from DAA which holster height placement adjustments and forward/back adjustments.



Double Alpha (DAA) PDR Pro II is a step up from the previous DAA PDR Pro.

The first area of focus and improvement was the rail, the part which joins the belt hanger ball joint and the holster body.

DAA upgraded this part from plastic to aluminum, and redesigned the manner in which the height adjustment and vertical lock-up is achieved. The PDR PRO-II now has a set screw in the ball itself, which can be accessed from its inner side, allowing you to adjust height to any position, not just in the predetermined 10 mm steps as before. Also this height adjustment can now be achieved without dismantling the holster and without losing any of the other settings.

The new rail attaches to the holster body more parallel to the gun’s slide, which increases the usable range of adjustment in the ball joint, allowing you to bring the gun much closer to the body than with the previous rail design.

The holster body itself has undergone several improvements as well. The high inner flap which previously covered most guns’ safeties has been lowered, allowing you to obtain a more complete in-the-holster shooting-grip. The material has been made slightly thinner to improve precision fit and retention of the pistol, and the tension spacers have been modified and improved. The cutout in the front of the holster has been lowered further, to facilitate faster holster clearance.

And of course the excellent features of the PDR PRO line have been retained: the slick fast unlined body, the advanced ball joint belt hanger with its wide range of adjustability, slim-line retention bars and spacers for use on competition belts ranging from 1.5”-2.0” in width.

Available only in Black, for right-handed or left-handed shooters.

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1911 GOVT, CZ Shadow Sp01/ CZ Shadow 2/ Tanfoglio Stock III, Glock, Grand Power X-Cal, HK USP, S&W M&P 4.25", S&W M&P 5.0", Sig P320/P320RX/P320X5, Sig Sauer 1911MAX, Sig Sauer P226/P228, Sig Sauer X5 X-Mount, Springfield XDM 5.25", STI 2011, Tanfoglio


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