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Double Alpha (DAA) Race Master Magnetic Holsters (Right/Left)

Double Alpha (DAA) Race Master Magnetic Holsters (Right/Left)

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$262.00 $233.00


Double Alpha (DAA) now offers a magnetic option for the Race Master holsters.  Available on right and left hand holster orientation.


  • CNC Machined aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel
  • Patent Pending locking mechanism for smooth consistent draw
  • Extremely stable platform
  • Nearly unlimited adjustability
  • Secure lock/unlock safety lever
  • Advanced, low profile belt attachment
  • Interchangeable with separate insertss to be compatible with different pistols

The new system incorporates a pair of powerful magnets, which are positioned to reject each other- creating what feels like spring loaded system and two positions for the slide lock (up and down).

As the pistol is released on the draw, the magnets continue to push the slide lock upwards.  Thereby ensuring when the pistol is reholstered there is no chance of catching the upper tooth.

The magnetic system replaces the tension adjustment knob.  Each magnet insert comes with a laser cut  plate which can be applied to the outside of the holster body to cover the hole previously used for the tension adjustment knob.


DAA Race Master Holster Aluminum Assembly

Race Master Holster Housing Assembly by Double Alpha Academy (DAA)

DAA Race Master Insert Block Assembly - Magnetic

The New Magnetic Insert Block system incorporates a pair of powerful magnets, which are positioned to reject each other creating what feels like a spring-loaded system and two very distinct positions for the slide lock, all the way down, and ALL the way up.

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