CED Talon Strong Backpack (Medium)

CED Talon Strong Backpack (Medium)


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The CED Talon Strong Back pack is a multipurpose backpack, ideal for sports or Range use.

It was designed and manufactured by the Range Bag Specialists at CED, originally for a fitness group. However, it’s structure, design and most features are identical to those found on the CED/DAA RangePack medium backpack.

Since customers have been asking us to offer the CED/DAA backpacks in other colors, we decided to offer this excellent bag to our shooting customer base as well. If you want to stand out from the mass of Black Backpacks on the range – the Talon Strong model is for you! Beautiful, striking color combination of blue, grey and black really accent the quality and features of this multipurpose backpack. Perfect for playing down the “tactical/weapons” connotation often created by the classic black range bags.

The Talon Strong backpack has a large lower compartment, large enough to transport hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a pistol sleeve or case, with spare room for knee pads, a RangeReady Cleaning Kit or a set of hearing protectors.  A zippered mesh pocket is perfect for springs, accessories, or even magazines.

The top cavity compartment has three elastic pouches similar to the  RangePack for all the other components, accessories, and needs for a day at the range. The side pockets offer generous storage for water bottles, magazines, and even have a tech port to support a power bank or mobile phone.

Heavy duty stitching and material throughout, combined with top-quality zippers and hardware ensure this bag will offer you many years of reliable service. The wide and well padded shoulder straps, combined with generous ventilated padded on the back, make this bag comfortable to carry even when heavily loaded.

The CED Talon Strong backpack includes an ID holder, and a protective computer compartment for bringing along a laptop or iPad.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 30 cm


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