DAA GRIPZ – Recoil Control in a Bottle

DAA GRIPZ – Recoil Control in a Bottle


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As most serious IPSC and USPSA pistol shooters know, preventing slip in your grip is of utmost important for high-speed accurate shooting. A grip-enhancement lotion is one of the best ways to achieve that anti-slip, without the need to apply excessive force to the grip.

Especially in wet conditions or in extreme heat, sweating palms can really hurt your performance. But with a few drops of the new GRIPZ by DAA, applied just before you shoot, your palms remain dry and your grip secure.

GRIPZ by DAA is a grip enhancer designed by shooters for Shooters. Supplied in a plastic bottle with a practical “Snap-cap” type closure, that ensures a good seal and quick, easy, one-handed access when needed.

The GRIPZ by Double Alpha does not dry as white in color as other competing products, and will not rub off as easily onto your clothing and pistol grip. It will be cleaner to use than other leading grip-enhancers popular in our sport.

GRIPZ is silica based grip-lotion, diluted with alcohol and stabilizers for the ultimate performance and longevity. Each bottle holds 75ml (some 20% more than competing products).

We have a bundle available for those wanting to also have the magnetic holder as well.

Benefits of Liquid Grips in General

Makes Your Workout Safer

Pole dancing comes with its own unique challenges. How many workouts blend dance fluidity, core strength, lean muscle building, acrobatics, and full-body toning, all while being suspended above the ground? Not many! With so many perks, it’s easy to see why pole dance fitness routines have become such a popular way to work up a sweat. But slippery hands and legs can be dangerous when you’re training, putting you at risk for falling or shifting painfully.

Just apply a small amount of liquid chalk wherever you need more friction against the pole and you will improve your gripping capabilities, increase the safety of your workout, and make rehearsing your routines far more efficient. Not only that, but Liquid Grip will help prevent blisters, leaving you to worry less about damaging your hands and feet during extended sessions.

Maximizes Your Time

When your grip is solid and you can focus on your moves, you know you’re going to have a good workout. However, a good workout usually means sweat, and sweat means slippery skin. Now, you could use regular powdered chalk, but you are sure to make a mess and you will have to pause frequently to reapply it.

Liquid Grip, on the other hand, will not only work better as you sweat, but it will apply smoothly and create absolutely no mess. You will have a full 90 minutes of workout time on the pole before you will have to even think about reapplying. That saves you time both during your session and after, since there is no sticky residue or dust to clean off of your equipment or clothing. If you want to perform at peak efficiency, Liquid Grip is the smart choice to help you bring out your very best without ever slowing you down.

Liquid Chalk Outperforms Powdered Chalk

Let’s face it: Powdered chalk and rosin have a lot of messy drawbacks. They have to be frequently reapplied, especially if you are sweating. Worst of all, it gets all over everything each time you go to reapply, and that means you are regularly creating clouds of irritating dust which can be dangerous to inhale. Liquid grip, on the other hand, spreads cleanly over your skin and dries in seconds. It won’t degrade for a full hour and a half, even with sweat or extensive exercising. This means you get all the friction benefits of rosin and chalk, but without any mess.

Liquid Grip is unique in that it combines the benefits of rosin, chalk, and even tacky solutions all into one amazing product. The rosin and chalk in Liquid Grip are suspended in a water based, hydrocellulose thickener which applies similarly to a cream or lotion and dries in seconds. The liquid chalk binds with the fatty acids in your skin to create an extremely durable, yet highly flexible gripping surface that will not crumble away or rub off during your workout. It creates no mess, never leaves behind any residue on your equipment, and washes off easily with soap and water.

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