DAA Electronic Hearing Protection EHP 27

DAA Electronic Hearing Protection EHP 27


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The DAA Electronic Hearing Muffs EHP27 offer outstanding value and top-tier performance at an affordable price!

These noise cancelling electronic hearing protection offer certified SNR 27 dB sound protection in a truly compact and lightweight package.

The Double Alpha Earmuffs include, as standard, custom Gel ear pads which improve sound protection (especially when used with glasses, as is common on shooting ranges), a handsome quality EVA hard-shell case with zipper closure and a D-ring hanger, and a stereo AUX IN cable.

This cable allows you to listen to music from your phone or other device.

The EHP27 is fully collapsible and packs into its compact case to minimize space required for transport. And should you forget to turn it off – it has a 4-hour automatic power shut-off feature, to avoid your batteries running flat.

The unit is powered by two AAA batteries (included) which provide sufficient power for 200-300 hours of use.

Comfortable, lightweight, and loaded with luxurious features and accessories, this set is hard to beat, even at a much higher price point.

Benefits of Electronic Hearing Protection

I remember the first time I used electronic hearing protection. I placed the batteries, put them on, and was amazed at what I heard … I heard birds chirping, bees buzzing, and even people talking. Then, each time I fired a shot, or the shooter next to me sent one down range, it was like having regular ear protection in. The benefits to using electronic hearing protection on the gun range cannot be overstated.

Before we get there, let me be clear on the intention of this article so things aren’t confused. It is not my goal to sell you a set of the electronic ear protection we carry in our online store (though, we would appreciate it if you did buy them from our small business instead of from somewhere else). Selling you on those specific ones is not the goal of this article. My main goal as the editor of this website is to help you, our audience and fellow folks of the gun, be better at what it is you do.

Part of that goal, is to show people how to be safe with their guns which is one of the reasons why we sell safety equipment like eye and ear protection, to begin with. It’s important and we know what gear works best after decades of experience. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what are the benefits to using electronic ear protection?

The birds and the bees —

Remember a minute ago when I told you I was able to hear birds chirping and bees buzzing the first time I put them on? What I didn’t tell you is that the bee I heard was about 20 feet away from me and it sounded like it was right next to my head. While it took a few seconds to get used to, the benefits to this far outweigh any negatives you may be able to conjure up.

On-range commands

For range time, you’ll actually be able to hear the person next to you call cease fire. Or, if someone ends up getting injured, you may be able to help quicker because you’ll be able to hear that there’s a problem. Imagine being able to talk to your buddy at the gun range without having to pull your hearing protection off.

Perfect for training sessions

Because electronic hearing protection muffles the loud noises (gun shots) while amplifying the low noises (voices), whenever you take self-defense classes where live-fire drills are used, both you and your instructor benefit and are much safer because you can hear the commands being given.


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