Double-Alpha Academy (DAA) Magnet Cover

Double-Alpha Academy (DAA) Magnet Cover


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The DAA Magnet Cover is a practical and super-attractive addition to your Rig!

Designed to perfectly fit on the DAA 48mm large magnets, this cover is custom made from durable nylon, rubber coated, and incorporates a laser-cut stainless-steel (430) DAA Logo.

The logo itself is what firmly holds the cover in place – being made of magnetic stainless-steel, and thus attracted to the magnet.

Most serious shooters carry one of these large magnets on their belts, as they are real time savers on pick-up stages. But let’s face is – those magnets can be a pain, picking up steel debris sticking to your car interior or those metal storage cupboards.

Not anymore!

This cover does not completely eliminate the magnetic pull, but it greatly reduces it to where it’s no longer an issue.

The magnetic pull through the cover is still just strong enough to hold a magazine during a Load or Unload procedure, but not strong enough to be trustworthy when running.

So leave the cover on until that stage in which you need your pick-up magnet, at which time you simply pop the cover off before the stage, and drop it in your pocket until after you’re done.


Fast, simple, practical and very striking in appearance!


* Magazine Pouch not included

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