Jennings JSR 50

Jennings JSR 50


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The J-Scale JSR Series offers all the features of a full-sized digital scale in a pocket-sized design. The JSR has an ergonomic design that includes a durable flip-down protective cover that can be used as an expansion tray, as well as an innovative spill-preventing and catching system for weighing small loose items. The J-Scale JSR is simple to use, easy to read, extremely accurate and affordable for all pocket scale users.

  • High definition XL LCD display
  • Flip-down protective cover
  • Expansion tray
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Advanced parts counting function
  • Energy saving auto-off
  • Weighmeter technology
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German Design

Designed in Erkelenz, Germany, our products are held to extremely high standards in both design and production. We wish to ensure that all J-Scale® products have the consistent quality our customers expect

Reliable Precision

J-Scale® is renowned globally for creating accurate weighing instruments, and we pride ourselves on our product quality and reliability. Our warranties extend years beyond the industry average because we know our scales will give precise measurements for its entire lifespan if cared for properly.

Affordable Innovation

J-Scale® is dedicated to continuing a tradition of weighing innovations at a cost-effective value to both consumers and businesses. Some of our industry changing inventions include: The Durascale Impact Protection System, The WEIGHMETER Overload Protection System and the application of Backlit Displays to pocket scales.



Units   g, oz, gn, ct, ozt, dwt

Power 2 x AAA Batteries

Display           Backlit LCD, Red

Warranty Length      2 Years

Operating Temperature      Optimum 10-40°C (50-104°F)


Scale Dimension       4.9″ x 3.25″ x 0.9″

125mm x 82mm x 23mm

Tray Dimension        2.9″ x 2.25″

75mm x 57mm

MODE                         CAPACITY                  RESOLUTION

Grams                         50.00 g                       0.01 g

Ounces                       1.700 oz                     0.001 oz

Grains                         770.0 gn                     0.1 gn

Carats                         250.0 ct                      0.05 ct

Troy Ounces              1.600 ozt                    0.001 ozt

Pennyweights           32.15 dwt                  0.01 dwt

A New and Improved version of the classic JS-50XV
• WeighMeter™ Technology included
• Innovative spill-preventing and catching system
• The Protective Cover Does Double Duty!
• Advanced hyper-overload protection

50g x 0.01g
g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn, t, mg

GN = Grains
DWT = Pennyweight
KG = Kilograms
PCS= Pieces LBS = Pounds
MG = Milligrams
CT = Carats
1/8OZ – 1/4OZ = Fraction of Ounce


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