LOK CZ Shadow 2 Palm Swell Brass – Jaws

LOK CZ Shadow 2 Palm Swell Brass – Jaws

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Upgrade your CZ Shadow 2 with the precision-engineered LOK Grips Brass Palm Swell Jaws, the ultimate fusion of style and functionality. Crafted from high-quality brass, these grips not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your firearm but also deliver superior performance and control.

Featuring a distinctive palm swell design, the LOK Grips Brass Palm Swell Jaws offer a comfortable and ergonomic grip, ensuring optimal handling and reduced fatigue during extended shooting sessions. The brass construction adds weight to the pistol, enhancing stability and reducing muzzle rise for improved accuracy and faster follow-up shots.

Designed with precision-cut aggressive “Jaws” texture, these grips provide a secure and non-slip grip in any shooting condition, allowing you to maintain control even in the most challenging scenarios. Whether you’re competing in a match or training at the range, the LOK Grips Brass Palm Swell Jaws empower you to perform at your best.

Installation is quick and hassle-free, thanks to the precise machining and exact fitment of these grips. Simply replace your factory grips with the LOK Grips Brass Palm Swell Jaws to instantly elevate the look and feel of your CZ Shadow 2.

Don’t settle for ordinary grips—step up your game with the LOK Grips Brass Palm Swell Jaws and experience unparalleled performance and style. Order yours today and discover why shooters trust LOK Grips for superior quality and craftsmanship.


LOK Jaws: Our LOK Jaws texture is our most aggressive texture to date! They feature rows of sharp teeth engineered to bite into even the thickest toughest skin to provide maximum control in the most extreme situations.

These grips are not reccommended for those with soft skin! 

IPSC Approved

Weight *Cutting the grips short for a magwell will reduce the weight
These grips are CNC machined from solid brass for for added weight and recoil mitigation.
~8.25 oz (Short~7.40 oz) – The grips are completely solid.
Hollow: ~6.90 oz (Short~5.56 oz) – The back side of the grips are hollowed out.

These grips are significantly thicker than the stock Shadow 2 Aluminum Grips.  With the stock aluminum grips, we measure the thickness of the gun across the grips at 1.135″.  With our palm swell grips, we measure the thickness of the gun across the peak of the grips at 1.475″.

– 2x T20 Torx grip screws(M3.5 x 0.60mm x 8mm – Flat head)
– 2x O-Rings(1/8 ID x 1/4 OD)

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