DAA Roller Handle for Dillon 550/650/750

DAA Roller Handle for Dillon 550/650/750


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The DAA Roller Handle for Dillon 550/650/750 is a fantastic upgrade to your “ball-end” handle, which is standard on the popular Dillon 550/650/750 machines. It enables you to upgrade your existing handle with a fully adjustable Aluminum roller handle which offers unique customization features.

The innovative DAA Roller Handle has a 2-pieced aluminum joint assembly, which incorporates serrated locking teeth enabling you to fine-tune the precise angle of your handle to best suite you and what is most comfortable for your wrist and arm during reloading.

The joint assembly is designed to allow the handle to be assemble in 4 different positions as well:

  • Close and low
  • Close and high
  • Far and low
  • Far and high

These four optional positions are super practical in making your reload stroke feel more comfortable and less strenuous on your arm, shoulder and back.

Do you ever feel like you need to reach too far forward when completing the up-stroke? Or do you feel that when reloading while standing, the lower end of your stroke forces you to bend your back uncomfortably? Most reloaders will be familiar with these issues. The DAA Roller Handle allows you to set the position and angle of the handle, making reloading easier and less likely to cause injury.

The DAA Roller Handle for Dillon 550/650/750 is made fully of high-quality aluminum, and powder coated in Gun-Metal Grey, for a striking appearance. The handle is wide (110mm) and contoured for a comfortable grip.



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