DAA Race Master Holster Replacement Screw Set

DAA Race Master Holster Replacement Screw Set


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The Replacement Screw Set screws are all top quality stainless-steel screws and so should not require replacement too often but, it can be reassuring to have spare screws in your range bag. This is a complete set of all the screws used in the RM holster, packed in a bag and ready for use.

Good to use for your Alpha-X holster or your Race Master holster!

The set includes:
4 x M4 round cap crews for the belt hanger plates
1 x M6 round cap screw, centrer pivot screw
1 x M5 screw for the ball joint assembly
2 x M4 counter sunk screws, for the insert assembly
2 x M5 point set screws for locking the ball joint
1 x M5 set screw for tightening the holster body to the rod

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