DAA Alpha-X Holster Standard Belt Hanger

DAA Alpha-X Holster Standard Belt Hanger


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Customers have been asking – and we are pleased to meet the demand.

One of the neat features of the Alpha-X holster, is that by removing a single screw, the entire holster can be detached from the Belt Hanger, while retaining all holster adjustments. This was designed for making the rig more compact for travel, however it lead almost immediately to customers requesting the option of purchasing extra belt hangers, to leave attached on their 2nd rig, allowing them to more easily transfer the holster from rig to rig.

This part of the hanger is ambidextrous and is the same for RH and LH holsters.

Does not include a color inlay, which must be ordered separately.

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Weight .10 kg
Dimensions .060 × .030 × .030 cm


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