DAA FLEX Holster Insert Block

DAA FLEX Holster Insert Block


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At the heart of the DAA Flex holster is the new, innovative, Pat Pending Flex insert block.

This insert design allows each user to adjust and fine-tune his insert block to perfectly fit his particular pistol. Not only does this allow us to support almost all gun types with just two models of inserts (Type-A and Type-B), but it enable users to adjust for the small variances that are often introduced by the gun manufacturers, who don’t consider the external dimensions of the trigger guard to be critical. This has always been an issue for the Alpha-X inserts, and this problem is now solved with the new Flex insert design.

Now, using the adjustable slide-lock teeth, the selection of side spacers and Shims, and possibly the front spacer, each shooter can achieve a perfect fit to his or her pistol.

The Flex Insert Block Assembly features an aluminium slide-lock mounted with user adjustable slide-lock teeth. Magnetic engagement, as in the latest generation of Alpha-X inserts. The new stainless-steel safely level is wider and flatter than that found in the Alpha-X blocks, and is mounted on the right side of the block, the outside of the holster for all RH shooters.  This makes it more accessible and easier to activate.

The new injection molding production process, and rail mounted magnetic support wedge, ensure the slide lock is more stable and moves more consistently than ever.

Do I need the A-type or B-type insert block assembly?

To determine which insert to order, first consult our list to see if your gun model is shown.

DAA Flex Holster – Insert Compatibility

The beauty of the Flex insert is that even if we never tried your pistol model, and it’s not on our list – more than likely it can be used with either the A or the B-type block! In order to determine which one you need for an unlisted gun model, download and print the gun fit sketch, and follow the instruction in the setup video on how to use it to determine which Insert Block can be used with YOUR pistol.

Printable Gun Fitment Sketch

Please note:

  1. Pistols which have a trigger guard that widens gradually from front to back (towards the grip) cannot be used in the Flex holster! Such guns include the HK USP and VP9, the CZ P10, the Arsenal Stryker A/B and some others. More on this in the setup video. These guns require a shaped/contoured cut-out which cannot be formed using the parallel spacers of the Flex insert. For these guns – we continue to offer Alpha-X insert blocks.
  2. The Flex insert are not compatible with the Alpha-X holsters. Nor can the Alpha-X inserts be used in the Flex holster body.

A Flex Insert Block Assembly includes:

  • A fully assembled insert block, including an aluminium slide lock with adjustable retention teeth and stainless safety lever
  • 7 side spacers in increments of 1.25mm
  • A pack of 12 side-Shims, of approx. 0.12mm thickness
  • A 2mm front spacer (used only for some gun types)
  • Two M4x8 screws for securing the insert assembly to the holster body
  • Two 2mmx6 self-tapping screws for mounting the front spacer
  • Two 4mmx5 self-tapping screws for mounting the THIN side spacer (use these short screws only for the thinnest 2.5mm side spacer)
  • Two 4mmx8 self-tapping screws for mounting the side spacers (use for all side spacers other than the thinnest 2.5mm on


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