DAA Lynx Belt Ratchet Buckle

DAA Lynx Belt Ratchet Buckle


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The optional DAA Lynx Belt Ratchet Buckle system provides several benefits over the standard, compact Lynx buckle. The ratchet mechanism permits a greater range of length adjustability, allowing for easier compensation for changes in clothing tucked under the belt. Additionally, it allows for quick loosening and tightening of the belt between stages, making it convenient to quickly tighten when moving to the shooting line, and loosen while waiting.

The DAA Lynx Belt Ratchet Buckle comes with two black links that have been pre-drilled and attached to the buckle and strap using steel threaded inserts. The buckle itself is constructed from a combination of steel and aluminum parts for superior strength and durability. The 23mm wide rubber strap offers a 16cm range of length adjustability.

We suggest wearing the buckle at the front, between the holster and the first pouch, with the rubber strap’s tail extending towards the pouches. The strap can be shortened if desired, and if you wish to reverse the buckle’s direction, you can do so by disassembling the screws and reassembling them in reverse orientation.

Note: The Ratchet Buckle does not include the bag of pins required to assemble your Lynx Belt. If you are purchasing this Ratchet without having purchased the original Lynx Buckle, remember to order the pins you will need for belt assembly! Click here for Lynx 50 Roll Pins

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