DAA Single Stainless SW929 Moon Clips 0.037″/0.040″

DAA Single Stainless SW929 Moon Clips 0.037″/0.040″


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The Double Alpha 8-round 9mm Moon Clips are designed for the new and popular Smith & Wesson 929 9mm revolver.

These match-grade moon clips are comparable in quality and performance to the very best available, but at a more affordable price, achieved through volume and hi-tech production.

Our Moon Clips are laser cut from hardened 413 Stainless Steel achieving an unparalleled hardness of 44RC, making them extremely durable and resistant to bending and deforming.

We now offer these popular moon clips in two thickness options: 0.037″ (0.92mm) or 0.040″ (1.00mm).

Depending on the type of brass you are using, and the headspace you have in your revolver, one type or the other will offer you the best performance. It’s important, of course, to achieve just the right amount of retention of your ammo in your moonclips to enable the best, most consistent reloads. Choose the type to best suite your ammo specifications.

The stainless steel used is magnetic, and the smaller-than-most cutout for the extractor ensures more overlap and optimum performance when used on magnetic moon clip holders, such as our DAA 8-shot moon-clip holders.

Please note:

Brass dimensions vary greatly between brands and in some cases even within certain brands.

We have found that our moon clips work with most brands. However, for most brass, loading and unloading tools are required.

Additional information

Weight .005 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 cm
Moonclips Size

0.040" (1.00mm)


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